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Flotilla definition, a group of small naval vessels, especially a naval unit containing two or more squadrons See more Usuario: Password: Versión 174 A flotilla (from Spanish, meaning a small flota of ships, and this from French flotte, and this from Russian "флот" (flot), meaning "fleet"), or naval flotilla US Coast Guard Auxiliary Coral Gables Flotilla 06-07 Explore everything you need to know about flotilla vacations and find out how you can get involved in the social side of sailing Award Winning Flotilla Sailing Holidays in the sunny Greek Islands The Gaza flotilla raid was a military operation by Israel against six civilian ships of the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" on 31 May 2010 in international waters in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary North Star Flotilla Narragansett Bay best resource for boating information Sorprendentemente el 22 de Junio de 1940, las tropas alemanas desfilaron por París tras haber conquistado Francia, Bélgica, Holanda y Luxemburgo, junto con Noruega Lieutenant Chris Seaton RNR elected Chairman April 2015 Annual Trafalgar Service Exeter Cathedral Affiliated to HMS

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